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February 03, 2023: ANNOUNCEMENT: Estimated MW-Measure and Seasonal Factors

In accordance with Section II.1.5 of the CBP Rules, we provide below the following for the March 2023 Auction:

We confirm that the seasonal factors announced on January 9, 2023 are unchanged. The seasonal factors are: 1.000 for summer (June to September) and 1.000 for non-summer (October to May).

We confirm that the estimated MW-measure of each tranche announced on January 9, 2023 is unchanged.

PLC (MW)* 3,489
MW-measure 34.89

*The PLC (MW) is based on the five highest coincident peaks experienced by PJM in 2022 for SSO customers (i.e., non-shopping only). The MW-measure is provided for reference purposes only. The amount of actual quantity to be delivered depends on many factors (e.g., migration of SSO customers).

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